Petrochemical Sector

Buying, selling or redeveloping an active or disused service station site, or other site used for the storage of petroleum or oil?

Considering development of a ‘greenfield’ site for a service station or other petroleum storage activity?


Precise Environmental has a highly qualified team of consultants dedicated to the investigation and management of petroleum storage sites. Site investigations can be conducted to target soil, soil gas, groundwater, surface waters and ambient air where relevant.

Site investigations can be conducted by Precise Environmental prior to the sale or acquisition of a property to determine potential heath and/or environmental risks. A site investigation may also be required when a change to a more sensitive land use is proposed (e.g. commercial to residential). Where contamination is identified above government endorsed investigation criteria, site specific remediation strategies and costs can be determined to assist clients in making commercial decisions regarding the subject land.

Precise Environmental can also conduct investigations for current or future site owners to confirm the status of environmental compliance against existing development approvals and legislation.

Precise Environmental has conducted investigations on operational service station and bulk petroleum storage sites for national and international stakeholders in Australia and has developed a reputation as a leader in the investigation and management of petrochemical contamination. Precise Environmental has also worked for an array of clients who are independent site owners and/or may only have a small petroleum storage facility on their site as part of an unrelated commercial operation. Site investigations can therefore be tailored to meet site specific requirements, conditions and budgets.

Please do not hesitate to contact Precise Environmental for professional advice and a project specific cost estimate for your project going forward.