Finance & Legal Sectors

finance-sector-tileFinance Sector

Are you considering financing a client’s new property?

Precise Environmental can provide technical advice and support to the finance sector to assess risk associated with a client’s purchase. Our services used by major banks and lenders include:

  • Peer review of technical reports
  • Environmental compliance inspections and audits
  • Determining the contamination status of a site by conducting an environmental site investigation
  • Determining the cost to remediate a site to a point that it is ‘fit for use’ following completion of an environmental site investigation
  • Validation of remediation works against agreed/approved remediation criteria.

Legal Sector

Precise Environmental provides assistance to law firms during the due diligence period associated with contracts of sale.

The information obtained by Precise Environmental will enable your clients to make informed decisions regarding health and environmental risks, and subsequently commercial risk, associated with an acquisition. In some cases, the risk may relate to adjacent lands, particularly when the adjacent property is known to be, or is potentially contaminated.

PE also provides expert advice for pending legal disputes. Our knowledge and experience will ensure the best possible outcome for your clients whether it be a civil or regulatory matter.

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